My First Match Move VFX test

Well, I found this thing called voodoo and had to take a look. It’s a pretty cool little matchmove program. I needed something to do with it though. So I thought it was a perfect opportunity to play with Blender – an open source animation program, and get into more than I have in the past. I’ve used it before at work , but only for it’s UV unwrapping – it is definitely easier to get a decent UV map out of blender than it is Lightwave (not saying lightwave is bad though).

This is my first attempt at a couple of things. My first attempt at  modelling, rigging, and animating in blender (I normally use lightwave), and my first attempt at compositing in blender. What a magical program! It’s hard to imagine it’s free. YEAH!

Anyway, my real mission behind this was to see if I could get a character into a live action shot. I did some animation on it because it looks better than T-Pose.

Open Source Rocks!



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