More Excitement! Augmented Reality and Balance Studios!

I have some Really wonderful news! Wonderwerks has just published a really cool Augmented Reality App and book for Dinosaur Us Explore Us, a Believe Animation Property. It is called Rock’s in My Socks and is super cute.I supplied the illustration for this activity and story book penned by Darren Lutz and Pam Dennison Lutz, and helped the wonderful Balance Studios Interactive team with the 3D animation for really cool game for the iPad – coming soon for the iPhone.

Here is what Darren Lutz and Tina Lutz has to say about their creation.
“Rocks In My Socks is the story of Gracie, an adorable pint-sized pink triceratops, learns about acceptance through some unexpected visitors that show up in her favorite pink and white striped socks.

This unique book combines an endearing story and characters with games and activities to further engage and excite its readers.

There are 13 activities that can be played manually with colors, markers, or pencils. Learn about colors, matching, recognition, colors and music associations, and even some of Gracie’s favorite dance moves.

But, for extra added excitement, 8 of the games integrate Augmented Reality where the activities jump right off the page with animation, sound, and game play…It’s a book like nothing you have experienced before!” –

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