Halloween Illustrations

Here is some Halloween Art that I did for a Halloween party a couple of years back…oh and one Valentine thing.



It came from the forest


The Squid will get you!

Here is a CD promo cover I did for my band “Smile Like you Mean it”


Cage Concept

Here is a cage concept painting I did for Amanda Hackman’s Birds of Paradise.

Birds of Paradise posters

Hello! Below are poster’s I did for Amanda Hackman’s show in New York called Bird’s of Paradise. It was an old-timey show with a vintage feel. These were lobby posters.


Puppet Theatre

Puppet Theatre

Digital illustration of a puppet-themed hell. Copyright John Hackman

Animation and VFX


Done as a test piece for a dance collaboration with Amanda Hackman. Used as a bumper for Quantum Cabaret. All aspects of the animation done by me.